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‘…this beginning motion, this first time when a sail truly filled and the boat took life and knifed across the lake under perfect control, this was so beautiful it stopped my breath…’ – Gary Paulsen, Caught by the Sea


Salcombe was once a major port for the fruit trade and over recent years has found fame as a safe haven for family holidays and visiting yachtsman.

It is situated at the southern end of the Salcombe Estuary which is in fact a Ria which is a landlocked, salt water inlet.

Salcombe provides a number of beautiful, safe, sandy beaches and the whole area is a Marine Site of Special Scientific interest, a marine local nature reserve and an  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Ria is bordered by magnificent cliffs which form part of the South West Coast path which has been mentioned in the Great Adventure book published by the Lonely Planet as one of the world’s most inspiring hikes.

Going seaward you pass two pretty beaches: North and South Sands and looking from Salcombe across the water is the village of East Portlemouth with its lovely beaches.

Moving west from Salcombe you come to Hope Cove and Soar Mill Cove; a favourite anchorage for lunch and a place to enjoy the two sandy beaches.

Activities in the area are boundless. In August Salcombe holds a town regatta which is a fun filled week of events and activities based both on and off the water.

Ashore you will find a wide range of shops, restaurants, pubs and art galleries.

Sailing in Salcombe
Sailing in Salcombe is always interesting as conditions vary along the Ria: the wind swirls around the coves and bounces off the cliffs plus the tides throw in an extra level of complexity.

But when the sun is glistening on the water and the wind fills your sails it is positively magical to be sailing in these waters.

Aboard your own 44ft yacht you’ll discover the dramatic coast, visit hidden coves or hop onto a secluded beach. You’ll soon realise that the best way to arrive anywhere is by private yacht and that the most beautiful destinations are better when you approach from the sea; the views are more spectacular and the impressions stronger.